His Multimedia Kit

My professional life feels like backpacking on the British and Irish Isles. I carry the complete NOS London Bureau along when I travel around, looking for stories. The whole shebang fits in a backpack (Portabrace) plus a handbag. So what’s in it? See for yourself.

Video Sony HVR-Z1E (mini) DVCAM Camcorder

Steadystick with beltadapter, Audio Limited Sets (Wireless mikes), Sennheiser miniature headphone, Camera light, Beyer M 58N Microphone

(If I need to do a piece to camera, I use (and drag with me) a Sachtler Tripod)

Audio Marantz PMD670, Sennheiser MD21U microphone

Digital Photo Camera Sony Cybershot 5.1 megapixels

Laptop Computer HP Notebook, video editing software Avid Express Pro, audio editing software Magix

Lots of cables, pc card adapter, plugs, make-up and of course batteries (always bring extra batteries)


4 Responses to “His Multimedia Kit”

  1. Stephanie Stewart Says:

    Hi, The site looks great. I will be interested to see what trouble you get in to.

    I just got an Ipod touch for free at a conference and I am over the moon. It is so cute and it does so many things. Give me more, more, more tech toys. Stephanie

  2. overdiek Says:

    An Ipod touch for free??? Don’t tell my son.

  3. Daria Says:

    I think I have the same digital sony camera, only now it is broken and it makes me very sad… I love it, so I definitely want to get it fixed!

  4. overdiek Says:

    I assume, Daria, it’s the photo camera (and not the video camera). That’s a shame, a great thing workable piece of machiney. Although, I have trouble taking good pictures inside. I will be in the US for Christmas, and will probably buy another thingie.

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