Mobile Journalism on our news floor

This short movie was filmed on a mobile phone. Put together by Remy Hersbach, intern at our brand new Digidesk. He is a student at my old school, the very superior Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek in Tilburg. He shot this thingie as an example for the Mobile Phone Festival in Groningen.

Click on the pic for the flick

Een stukje vanuit hand

The ‘real news story’ came on the Eight O’Clock News. Reporter Robert Schinkel covered the Festival and of course did that on his mobile (Nokia N95). I think he did a marvellous job. See for yourself. He writes about his experiences (in Dutch) on the New Media Blog of the NOS Website. Funny detail, he reveals that NOS sent a satellite truck so he could upload his piece on time for the early edition. Mwah.

Click on the pic to see the flick

Robert Schinkel reports using his mobile


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  1. Remy » Primeur bij NOS: GSM-reportage Says:

    […] ben benieuwd hoe de reacties op het filmpje morgen zijn. Eén reactie is al binnen: die van Tim Overdiek. Toch leuk als je inspanningen gewaardeerd worden! (Inspanningen om het filmpje te maken: halfuur […]

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