Here’s a piece of crap for ya

Remember how I was writing about something new: Covering a news thingie by webcam? Well, we tried it again, and honestly, it sucked. It was atrocious, embarrassing and even though it appeared on the website for about three minutes, I made sure it was removed.

What it was about? Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan. His plane landed on British soil, and I talked about the ‘historical moment’, looking into the webcam of my MacBook, with the tv in the background, capturing the breaking news event.

Pathetic. That’s the word. Never to be aired, never to be shown. Except on this website, as an example how quality must always be the number one priority, as far as I’m concerned. Click on the pic to see for yourself, then forget about it, and please, don’t tell anyone.


One Response to “Here’s a piece of crap for ya”

  1. Marc Says:

    Only try this when you are in a warzone (with exploding vehicles or buildings on the background, streams of blood in the gutter). And put your MacBook on a wall or table, not in you hand. A MacBook is not a handheld.

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