A lousy parent. That’s me

Seven year old son is sick home. Stomach bug. He seems to be happy up in his room. MacBook on his lap. He keeps me updated every other couple of minutes.

World Math Day

“Hey, there’s this guy from Australia.”

“Wow, that kid in Singapore is really good with this tables.”

“Another guy from Australia.”

“Hey papa, I’m almost Einstein.”

“I can do better than that.”

– You’re okay, son?

“Yeah, I’m beating this dude from Arabia right now.”

For those who still have no idea. It is World Math Day. All over the world kids are solving math problems. And playing against each other online.

I used to stare at the tree in our backyard when I was sick. It never moved.

Update: I just received this email from upstairs:  “Hi pap, the Singapore guy beat me in a snap flap whap! E :-)”


2 Responses to “A lousy parent. That’s me”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Are you *sure* he’s sick?
    He sounds pretty active to me…

  2. Marc Says:

    Doing maths without being forced? Now that’s what I would call sick ;^)

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