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Blogging as if there’s no tomorrow

March 14, 2008

Lots of fun things happening these days. The NOS has started blogging seriously, and oh boy, it’s great to it all come alive. A wide variety of developments. Enthusiasm, rejection, contamination, misunderstanding, jumping on the bandwagon, falling off the bandwagon, writing, filming, responding, spamming, it’s great. Check for yourself by clicking on the pic, and let me know what you think.

NOS Weblogs

Here’s a piece of crap for ya

March 10, 2008

Remember how I was writing about something new: Covering a news thingie by webcam? Well, we tried it again, and honestly, it sucked. It was atrocious, embarrassing and even though it appeared on the website for about three minutes, I made sure it was removed.

What it was about? Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan. His plane landed on British soil, and I talked about the ‘historical moment’, looking into the webcam of my MacBook, with the tv in the background, capturing the breaking news event.

Pathetic. That’s the word. Never to be aired, never to be shown. Except on this website, as an example how quality must always be the number one priority, as far as I’m concerned. Click on the pic to see for yourself, then forget about it, and please, don’t tell anyone.


Yes, we’re number 51. I guess

March 9, 2008

Too bad they only give the Top Fifty. Leaves me guessing where this blog would have come in. Y’all probably agree that the number 51 spot would suit me, right?


The Huffington Post

On top of the list, published by The Observer Magazine this morning: The Huffington Post. The Drudge Report (screw The Telegraph for recently calling him the most powerful journalist, baloney!) came in 11th. Nice to see Students for a Free Tibet land the number 21 spot. Chocolate and Zucchini did well on 38.

Ah well, see for yourself and disagree, convinced that your blog is definitely worthy of a kick-ass number 51 spot.

Multimedia Math in Utrecht

March 8, 2008

That’s Youtracked, if you want to know how not to pronounce the name of this city in The Netherlands. Don’t bother trying the Dutch if you’re a non-native speaker.

But that’s not the point.

RTV Utrecht works exclusively with camjo reporters (video journalists) nowadays. Inspired and trained by Michael (I’ve been about anywhere on the media planet) Rosenblum, this regional network decided to go all out. Editors and reporters know how to pick up a camera, shoot some stuff and prepare it for broadcast.

RTV Utrecht

I can’t vouch for the quality, since I don’t watch their news programs, but I am intrigued by the numbers they came up with. Managing editor Wim Kramer in Dutch media magazine Spreek’buis: “In the old situation four people would work on one story: Producer, reporter, camera person and an editor. Adding up their work hours one item would take 15 hours. A camjo reporter would need an average of 9.3 hours. A difference of 5.7 hours, which is 38.5 hours a week.”

Again, this is just number crunching. But don’t we all look at the bottom line nowadays? Click on their logo up here to see for yourself. And also, don’t forget to take a peek at their User Generated News site Proof that national networks sometimes don’t set the pace. A lot of exciting stuff going on at city and regional level.

A lousy parent. That’s me

March 5, 2008

Seven year old son is sick home. Stomach bug. He seems to be happy up in his room. MacBook on his lap. He keeps me updated every other couple of minutes.

World Math Day

“Hey, there’s this guy from Australia.”

“Wow, that kid in Singapore is really good with this tables.”

“Another guy from Australia.”

“Hey papa, I’m almost Einstein.”

“I can do better than that.”

– You’re okay, son?

“Yeah, I’m beating this dude from Arabia right now.”

For those who still have no idea. It is World Math Day. All over the world kids are solving math problems. And playing against each other online.

I used to stare at the tree in our backyard when I was sick. It never moved.

Update: I just received this email from upstairs:  “Hi pap, the Singapore guy beat me in a snap flap whap! E :-)”

Come fly with me

March 4, 2008

Trying to figure out two things before breakfast.

1. How to fold paper airplanes

Thank you, Wim, for directing us to a great site, see below

Best Airplanes

2. How to twitter. I feel stupid. Just don’t get it. Anyway, follow me, follow you, we’ll see where we crash

Twitter me, twitter you

Sometimes I get really scared

March 2, 2008

Not too often, but sometimes the internet scares the shit out of me. And then I realize there’s more stuff about me out there than even I would like to know. And all you need to do is fill out your first and last name…

Wie O Wie