Breaking News from London Headquarters

We tried something new. Breaking News via the webcam. And it has to be said, I was quicker online than on the radio.

See for yourself and let me know whether this is a commendable attempt to be really quick, to the point and begs for more, or totally stupid and should be banned.

Breaking News via the webcam

Click on the pic for the story and the webcam-video


2 Responses to “Breaking News from London Headquarters”

  1. Marko Says:

    Ha, het is Peter toch gelukt! Gefeliciteerd πŸ™‚ Nu nog een leuk achtergrondje en je zoon die de webcam vasthoudt en je hebt een eigen Tim Blitzer Situation Room πŸ˜‰

    (serieus: dit is voor herhaling vatbaar!)

  2. Here’s a piece of crap for ya « Multimedia Maniac Says:

    […] a piece of crap for ya Remember how I was writing about something new: Covering a news thingie by webcam? Well, we tried it again, and honestly, it sucked. It was atrocious, embarrassing and even though it […]

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