Show me that bag, Mister Maniac

May I introduce… The complete NOS London Bureau.

On my back. Your tax euros at work…


7 Responses to “Show me that bag, Mister Maniac”

  1. Marko Says:

    Cool hoor! en proost! (en nu nog een ondertitelde versie, kan ik m doorsturen naar Amerikaanse kennissen…)

  2. Paul Brannan Says:

    Fabulous Tim. An OB from the Yorkshire Grey – that is an Old Brewery rather than an Outside Broadcast. I’ve posted this on Delicious and Facebook so watch those page views soar into double figures.

    I hope you’ve been keeping up with my colleague Rory Cellan-Jones who was at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona last week. He filed several video pieces from his Nokia N95, weight 190gms (that’s the phone, not Rory).

    He even got to interview Isabella Rossellini about Green Porn. And they call that work!

  3. overdiek Says:

    Yeah, Rory’s hand seemed a bit more shaky when he interviewed the irresistable Isabella. Good grief, what else is left now in his career?

    Thanks for the spreading around. We’ll see who comes over. Let’s have a beer soon (and talk about work of course!)

  4. Arno Says:

    Douwe dabbert, eat your heart out!

  5. Eric P Says:

    I love the Guinness at the end!

  6. Raimo van der Klein Says:

    Goeie clip!

  7. Wilbert Says:

    Goed filmpje!

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