In the shadow of the babes

Always an easy goal to score: Using audio from long ago. In this case historical material of the Busby Babes, the eight young Manchester United players who died in Munchen. Today is the fiftieth anniversary.

News is news

You may listen back to my ‘klankbeeld’ or ‘audio palette’ about the tragedy, which aired on Dutch radio.

However, I would also appreciate if you’d glance over eight other names of colleagues who perished that day.

  • Alf Clarke – journalist, Manchester Evening Chronicle
  • Don Davies – journalist, Manchester Guardian
  • George Follows – journalist, Daily Herald
  • Tom Jackson – journalist, Manchester Evening News
  • Archie Ledbrooke – journalist, Daily Mirror
  • Henry Rose – journalist, Daily Express
  • Eric Thompson – journalist, Daily Mail
  • Frank Swift – journalist, News of the World
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    2 Responses to “In the shadow of the babes”

    1. Jos Jonkeren Says:

      Hallo Tim,
      M’n vriendin Ulrike komt net thuis bomvol verhalen over Geert Verdickt en Tim Overdiek. Tim in New york, Tim in Londen, je zoontje van 10, etc. Nu wil ze zeker correspondent in Berlijn zijn, nu alleen nog durven, haha.
      Waar vinden we jouw video-weblog-bijdragen?
      Groeten Jos en Ulrike

    2. overdiek Says:

      Wel, gewoon gaan, zou ik zeggen.
      Videos onder meer op
      En hier ook, kijk maar naar de meest recente bijdrage.
      Groet en dank voor je bericht.

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