Blogging to stay awake

The wife’s asleep, which is understandable since it is close to 1.30 a.m. But she is the big New York Giants fan, and who knows: The Giants might beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I’m the one who is watching, and yes, I will probably stay awake until 3.30 a.m. or whenever it becomes clear the Patriots will win after all.

Super Bowl XLII

While watching the game, I am writing a chapter for a book about ‘The Making of Journalism’. More precisely, I’m trying to write it. Should be about 4,000 words, but I’m stuck at 743 words. It’s supposed to be about blogging, but the game is too distracting, so I’m taking the opportunity to check in on the New York Times-site.

They’re blogging about the game. I read and ‘meet’ folks from all over the world. Australia, Mongolia, Italy, Singapore and other countries. I leave a message (nr. 117). Do I feel connected? Do I feel part of a world wide community? Do I learn from other bloggers? No, not really. I am just trying to stay awake.

3.07 a.m. Oh boy, was it worth it!!! The lady woke up from my screaming…


One Response to “Blogging to stay awake”

  1. clement Says:

    tell me more about the book. I’m curious.

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