Getting there, one blog at a time

Are we there yet? No.

Are we there yet? No!

Are we there yet? No, damnit. Shut up.

But are we there yet?

Well, we’re on our way. I wrote a while ago about the new beta-blogs for NOS Dutch public broadcasting. We’re still live without having told nary a soul, so hardly anybody knows. That’s okay, because several nagging glitches remain. Gives us time to practice, and I think this particular entry comes close to what it should all be about.

De Prins is Koning van het Geduld

It has text. Audio. Pix. Video. Interaction. Links.

Let me know whether we’re there yet.


One Response to “Getting there, one blog at a time”

  1. Arno Says:

    We’re getting there, I’m almost sure of it.

    And people are starting to discover the new blogs. But you could help by updating your blogroll …


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