A blog is for now, a book is for ever

Who will be reading this blog ten years from now? My kids?


So hail to the book. I wrote one in 1997. A biography of Dutch NBA player Rik Smits. Not for sale anymore, but hey: Ten years on people still read it, since it’s in the library.

Dunking Dutchman

This morning I received a financial overview for 2007.

NINETEEN people took it out. So how much did I make?

Book price (12.93 euro) x point value (0.009163) = gross payment (2.25 euro)

Got that? 2.25 euro!!!

But wait. Expenses for administration (5%) are 0.11 euro

Then the V.A.T. (19%) on top of that, which amounts to 0.02 euro

So soon to be cashed, a check for 2.12 euro. Long live literacy!


4 Responses to “A blog is for now, a book is for ever”

  1. Arno Says:


    I’ve got it at home. Great read, as are most books in this series.

  2. overdiek Says:

    I’m humbled. Thanks.

  3. Marko Says:

    Just wondering: if you had made a website about the guy and had put some Google ads on there, how much would you have made last year? More or less?

  4. overdiek Says:

    Somebody else (Smits himself) was one step ahead of me. Of course the guy is 7’4”…


    The site says:

    NB: Dit boek is niet meer in de Nederlandse boekhandel te verkrijgen. Wij hebben nog slechts enkele gesigneerde exemplaren op voorraad dus wees er snel bij!
    Prijs: € 39,50

    Dit bedrag is exclusief verzendkosten (€ 3,95 bij vooruitbetaling of € 15,- bij remboursbetaling).

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