Patience my son, patience

Working hard to understand the iMac. Working hard to understand Final Cut Express. Working hard with the next generation, who is also working hard. Enjoy yourself for now while I am being tutored patiently by a ten year old.


4 Responses to “Patience my son, patience”

  1. jens Says:

    Nice! But who plays the guitar?

  2. overdiek Says:

    I was so supposed to, but lack the patience. So the youngest one might pick it up one day. They both know Smoke on the Water, so there will be parental inspiration.

  3. Clement Tonnaer Says:

    It shure has swing! Compliments. I’m looking forward to a family quartet om YouTube! But I’m not that confident concerning your part as you seem to have even trouble in understanding an iMac…

  4. JT Says:

    Where’s the video? Did You Tube pull it or was it your offspring…

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