Multimedia on the Mountain

So you get to the top of the mountain. What do you do next?

Grab for the mobile, call your friends. Send some pix. Maybe film a bit and upload it to your blog. Big deal. News travels fast.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who died yesterday, got to the top of Mount Everest and also took some pictures. Visuals of the pretty impressive view, and some of his sherpa Tensing. He forgot to have his own picture taken. He forgot.

News traveled not so fast in those days. The Times had the scoop, and in this morning’s paper we relive how reporter Jan Morris ran down from base camp and wired a coded (!) message back home.

The Brits read about it three days later.

A gigantic scoop, however, and read on about this media maniac (by clicking on the pic, if you still hadn’t figured that out). Great multimedia approach by The Times by the way.

The Times had it first

3 Responses to “Multimedia on the Mountain”

  1. Clement Tonnaer Says:

    It was on that very same day, the 29th of may 1953, my mother had the scoop of her life, she gave birth to her one and only. And they also forgot to take a snap shot. Sorry for this sentimental personal link to world history.

  2. overdiek Says:

    My goodness, you’re that old?

  3. The Wife Says:

    There is a Zen ko’an that says, when you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing.

    Another says: first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is a mountain.

    You know the Nepalis have thought those through.

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