For your eyes only

Depending on what time zone you’re surfing in, we have gone live or are about to go live (or might have crashed already).

A new chapter in the NOS blogosphere, about which I wrote recently (in Dutch) on the site of De Nieuwe Reporter.

Well, the moment has come, and here’s a preview (for your eyes only):

NOS sees the light

Click on the picture to go to the NOS Blogs

It’s a beta version. (Remember, also NASA had practice before Neil Armstrong made his big leap for mankind.)

I don’t intend to proclaim that NOS has discovered a new media planet, but hey, we’re moving along.

So tag it, link it, bitch about it, spit on it, embrace it, laugh or cry, and best off all, blog about it:


One Response to “For your eyes only”

  1. Getting there, one blog at a time « Multimedia Maniac Says:

    […] we’re on our way. I wrote a while ago about the new beta-blogs for NOS Dutch public broadcasting. We’re still live, but hardly anybody knows. That’s […]

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