Da loot for da toolkit

Back from New York, where Santa used my credit card with fairly decent restraint.

Of course, I convinced my wife (although the frowned eyebrows didn’t completely disappear), I’m still not a geek and it is all work related. Really.

So here’s the loot, to pimp my multimedia toolkit:

– Canon Rebel XT (10 megapixel, yeah, for upcoming stunning slide shows, just to shut Paul B. up)

– Bose earphones (listening to BBC Radio 4 can be torturous to the ears)

– An MicroMemo thingie, so you can upload podcasts simpler as ever (it was my son’s call, we simply had to buy something when we visited Apple Heaven on Fifth Avenue)

– Final Cut Express 4.0 (because I want to learn more than just Avid)


An excited new owner leaves the package behind 

And that’s about it. Oh yeah, one other thing: I’m gonna order an iMac now, so we can put these things to good use. Don’t worry, it’s a family computer. Really.

What was the best multimedia present that you got?


One Response to “Da loot for da toolkit”

  1. Sander Says:

    Wow. A MacBook in the trash. I say this because I’m actually using one!

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