I Love Paper (2)

You may call me ‘weirdo’, I don’t care. I still love paper, as professed in an earlier entry. So here the love story continues.

6. I love all those people who actually read the paper on the bus, whether it’s Metro, London Lite or some other daily rag.

7. But I also love to smile politely and say ‘no thanks’ to the insisting paper boys handing out those freebies.

8. I therefore love handing over 50 pence for The Evening Standard to the old lady at Marylebone Station.

9. I love doing recycling, and more often than not I end up reading another page before it’s all tossed in that huge, green container.

10. I love Letters to the Editor, especially those in The Daily Telegraph. These folks must still use an old fashioned type writer. Love it!

I Love Great Headlines


3 Responses to “I Love Paper (2)”

  1. Marko Says:

    Weirdo! 😉

    But paper is also a medium, so it has a place in your weblog, just like radio, tv and the pc/mac screen 🙂

    And there is one thing paper can do and other media cannot and for some time will not do… Paper can be inserted with odors. A couple of yers ago, the Algemeen Dagblad had smells attached to articles. I worked there at the time, and I was told, it wasn’t that hard or costly to do.

    Imagine, the smell of the foods in the restaurant section. Or the smell of bodies and smoke ‘hovering’ above an article about a gruesome terrorist attack…

    One wonders why newspapers fail to use the medium they are serving their content on to the full extent?

    Maybe then I will be converted (again) into a weirdo…

  2. overdiek Says:

    I also love the fish smell, belonging to yesterday’s paper.

  3. Marko Says:


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