Auntie’s online make-over

So this is what tomorrow’s BBC website will look like. The online colleagues who we love to hate. Despise to be more exact, because they’re so bloody brilliant. A sneak preview. You didn’t hear it from me.

That good old BBC

Click on the picture (of granny’s BBC era) to go straight to the new website

And to explain the face-lift, Richard Titus (Acting Head of User Experience) writes about drawing inspiration from sources as Facebook, iGoogle and NetVibes in his entry on, where else, the BBC Internet Blog.

Richard Titus (Acting Head)                                                                                                               


Acting Head


4 Responses to “Auntie’s online make-over”

  1. Marko Says:

    Very interesting, specially the initial hidden choices that appear gracefully when asked for. The letters are nice and big.

    But in my point of view, it fails in several areas:
    – Nowadays people ‘scan’ the news. On this page, there are too little headlines. Even though clicking on a ‘plus’ gives one headline more, it is too scarse. I know the Beeb has more to offer;
    – Because of the choices, there is lots and lots of empty space. Empty space is not scannable. It is hindering;
    – The page works like a road sign. That might be practical for now. But in the end I want a site like a TomTom: where ever I go, there’s always the overview and the map. I prefer the idea of ‘every page is the home page’.
    – I always ask myself: would people scroll first and then make a choice what to click on. Or would they click right away? It the latter is true, then making a page that scrolls is a waste of time…
    – Basically, it is a fancy portal. This approach is understandable for Google et ad. But why would one act as a port when one owns the whole house?

  2. overdiek Says:

    Regarding your last point: You never own the whole house. Sometimes you have to set up shop in another castle to invite peasants to come to your shed. People don’t come to you anymore automatically, however nice and cushy your place is. You have to go look for them and get ‘m.

  3. Marko Says:

    oh, I agree. But in that case I would focus my attention to others castles, like Google or Myspace. Just to paint the outside and tell its new, sounds a bit deceptive.

  4. Martijn Says:

    Remember that this is not a news site. It *is* a fancy portal to give access to the hundreds of rooms in the house, bringing the news is just one of its tasks.

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