Value for money

Millions of viewers laughed at this joke, but about a thousand colleagues probably threw their biscuit at the telly. Jonathan Ross’ claim that he is ‘worth a thousand BBC journalists’ wasn’t particularly appreciated within the beleaguered media company. 

A bit inappropriate, some thought, since the BBC is laying off 2,600 employees. So Ross better shut up with his 6 million pound annual salary. Which was exactly his funny point.

(The Guardian actually did the math and concluded that Ross was the financial equivalent of about 300 journalists.)

The brilliant Jonathan Ross

One might argue that one person’s worth is primarily based on his or her output. My job here in London used to be spread out over three (parttime) people. Besides that, filming and editing myself also cost some people a bit of income.

My salary obviously doesn’t cover five positions. That’s okay. What slightly pisses me off, though, is that the savings are not re-invested in the London operation. It just disappears in the big budget at HQ.

And it’s not pocket money. Per year I save the NOS about 50,000 euros by not hiring a camera crew, by editing myself and by traveling alone. So how much is that at the end of my five year tenure?

Certainly not a laughing matter.


4 Responses to “Value for money”

  1. Marko Says:

    Maybe you should hire a cameracrew again 😉

  2. overdiek Says:

    I do, whenever there is a bigger news story. In that case, it makes no sense to poke elbows with the BBC pros.

  3. Clement Tonnaer Says:

    well, Tim, maybe you should rethink this properly. I’m not shure if you fancied the marxist colleague of mine, quoting you in his ‘slave story’, but if you keep going like you do, delivering masterpieces as a multimedia Einstein, you’re asking for it…
    Your triple story on the sheep is going to be discussed this week with my students.Ill let you know.

  4. overdiek Says:

    Thank you Clement, I would love to hear some feedback from your students. Maybe they can post some stuff. Let’s dialogue!

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