To share or not to share

His name is Erwin Blom, soon to be ex-chief new media for Dutch media network VPRO. His parting words are directed at the Dutch national public broadcasters, but anyone who deals with old and new media, should listen. You might learn something.

Erwin Blom

So go ahead, click on his nose. For non-Dutch speakers, grab a dictionary. Or figure it out some other way. Here are some of his nuggets that might lead to the holy grail:

Have an open mind, dare to fail, share what’s yours, involve the audience, be everywhere, all the time, any how.


3 Responses to “To share or not to share”

  1. Dick Says:

    Whu is Blom leaving and where is he going?

  2. overdiek Says:

    Erwin Blom is leaving VPRO, one of the several public networks in The Netherlands. VPRO is/has been on the forefront of new media developments, not shying away from experiments. His website: Send him an email. He is gonna consult, exact position still unclear.

  3. Dick Says:

    Thanks Tim, I will have a look.

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