One book and why not: 1,200 pages

In a time when flash video rules and blogging is the way to communicate, it is pretty gutsy to publish a book with 1,200 pages. On the other hand, it is December, so the collected best sports stories (1945-2007) in The Netherlands might be a Christmas tree shoo-in.

A book, I have to admit, sometimes feels so much better for the soul than another latest techno gadget.

A tad too heavy maybe?

I am very proud to have one of my articles, from my time as a sports writer for De Volkskrant, included in this weighty publication.

The story (1994) was headlined Heres, More than a Sire. This famous stallion had just passed away and I visited the heartbroken owner (and his dearest human friend).

Click for the Dutch story about Heres

Click on the picture (of Heres’ daughter Yaffingale) to read my article.

At the book launch last week in Amsterdam it was announced that the best Dutch sports book ever is:

Joris van den Bergh – Temidden der Kampioenen (1929)

Even though I have two early editions of this book on my book shelf, I am intrigued by the way the Digital Library for Dutch Literature (DBNL) has published this master work online.

Brilliant piece of sports writing

In these fast moving times, the book remains timeless. Letters do last longer.


One Response to “One book and why not: 1,200 pages”

  1. Ferne Ruhland Says:

    I’m living in south-western Germany, while my parents – esp. my grandmother – have american ancestors. So I think to be western European with some Anglo-American impact. Your interesting thoughts about Germany seem to be very pessimistic for my ears; I’d think, American people could learn a lot from the way german society is handling its crisis until now.

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