What’s in a name?

As a kid, I never liked my name. Tim – Thimotheus, not exactly an immediate association with a ruthless cowboy.

As a parent, I got over it, since some popular books I read with my sons are titled Tim en de Dappere Zeekapitein en Tim vaart naar Timboektoe. So dad is a hero after all.

Click here for more behind TIM

Click the picture for more about TIM 

As a multimedia journalist, I was heartened by two stories I read this weekend. The first was by Stephen Fry in The Guardian. He wrote about Tim Berners-Lee, the guy not to be mistaken with Al Gore as the inventor of the internet. Tim is, besides many things, responsible for the www.

My namesake originally came up with the name The Information Mine. Yes, that would be TIM. As in http://tim.timoverdiek.com. But alas, he thought it was embarrassing. I disagree, obviously. (And the link DOES work. Ego magic.)

The second article, in Dutch, is from new media website De Nieuwe Reporter. It’s about measuring the interest of radio listeners. Researchers developed the Tv/radio Impact Meter. Oh my gosh, abbreviated TIM.

So I guess my name is not that bad after all. If you need any advice on how to make the world a better place, just drop me an email. Godspeed, peoples of this planet.

Tim Is Me. (Applause)


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