Just for the website? What?!? (2)

A month ago I drove up to Cambridge to interview dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, as part of a NOS web special about the upcoming Russian elections. Packed up my whole kit, because I meant to do more than just the requested question & answer article.

Wondered aloud about it on this blog that day (‘let’s try and do something crossmedia’), and the result can now be seen by clicking on the pictures below. I don’t think it came out exactly as I had hoped and tried for, and would appreciate your feedback on improvements.

This first photo leads to the actual interview about renewed fear in Russia with a brief video compilation.

Russian elections

The second to a text and audio entry about Bukovsky’s thoughts on his poisoned friend Alexander Litvinenko.

Bukovsky in his study


7 Responses to “Just for the website? What?!? (2)”

  1. Dick Says:

    Tim, check this story out, says one-person bureaus may be the wave of the future!


  2. overdiek Says:

    Hi Dick,
    I already wrote about ABC’s plan to downsize and expand…
    But your link is a good, extensive article about, indeed, the wave of the future, which has already arrived here and there. Am curious how your company is going to handle it.
    I love the word ‘flexibility’ in the article. Define that word for me. Haha.

  3. Dick Says:

    Tim, I know you did — it just proves how far ahead of the news curve you are!

  4. overdiek Says:

    Haha, at least somebody notices…

  5. Dick Says:

    I check this blog regularly.

  6. overdiek Says:

    Appreciate that very much. Will be in New York by the way between December 20th and 29th. Anything interesting multimedia going on around ABC or is everything pretty much dead in front of the tree?

  7. Dick Says:

    Something is always going on Tim, looking forward to your visit. Let’s coordinate.

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