One small step for man…

This is only the very beginning, pleaded Reuters correspondent Matt Cowan when he showed his first experiences with the Nokia N95 as a video/audio/upload tool for the next generation of web journalists.

It’s definitely NOT the end of the discussion of what it can do and not do.

David Dunkley Gyimah of Viewmagazine.TV filmed part of the discussion about the Mobile Journalism Toolkit, which you can see for yourself. He has a hand held camera (nice, nifty HD thingie, I won’t ask my boss for that one).

Seen it? Now give your opinion, also based on Paul’s comment in Tuesday’s post on this topic. He really looks ahead, and almost makes me admit I am wrong. Almost, of course.


One Response to “One small step for man…”

  1. annoesjka Says:

    This might be the end of ‘beautiful’ camera shots. Of course, covering the news is more important than perfect light and fantastic audio. Already you see professional media using snapshots from Flickr, or films from YouTube, just because their own journalists weren’t there. Does that mean that our viewers just have to used to less-than-perfect footage? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope technology will help us a bit…

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