Yo boss, listen up!

Yo boss, listen up! I want one! And I want it now! Right now!

Got it? Enough exclamation marks? This is it…

Now! Now! Now!

From now on we’re gonna do things a bit different. It’s more than just this Nokia N95. It also comes with:

– Fold out blue tooth keyboard

– Mini (but very good) microphone

– Tiny tripod (very cute)

– Solar panel (yes, I might need to be transferred to the Bahamas)

And listen to this, boss, the whole thing doesn’t cost much more than hiring a television crew for one day. Gotta like that, boss.

I saw this MJT at the Reuters’ London headquarters tonight, at an ONA gathering. Bet you don’t know what that means, boss. MJT stands for Mobile Journalism Toolkit. They like it very much.

Me too, boss. Me too.


You heard it from me first, boss. So get me one. Right now. In the meantime I’ll keep on hauling my multimedia backpack. Remember how we used to slap each other on the back two light years ago, boss?

Future of journalism, we bragged. Well, boss, I’m a dinosaur compared to these MJT folks. So get me one, boss, right now.

(ps. We had a silly discussion about ‘redefining quality’, which I argued was a fancy way of saying ‘cutting corners’, but that’s a whole different story, boss, I won’t bore you with that.)


10 Responses to “Yo boss, listen up!”

  1. roland Says:

    hahaha, all the things taxpayers money can buy!

  2. inrocket » Yo boss, listen up! Says:

    […] full story here […]

  3. Paul Brannan Says:

    Nice one, Tim.
    Here are some early adopters you might learn from:

  4. Robert Andrews Says:

    And here’s my contribution – http://www.paidcontent.co.uk/entry/419-reuters-mobile-journalism-roundtable-rolling-out-the-mojo-planning-for-/

  5. Bram Houtenbos Says:

    I imagine the solar panel to charge the MJT won’t be of much use to you in the dreary British climate 🙂

  6. hans laroes Says:

    here’s the boss speakin’:
    don’t be so bloody slow. buy one. try one.
    tell us
    the quality is not in the phone itself (I guess, but I am curious) but in the way you -and we- handle it

  7. Holy moly, the boss listens « Multimedia Maniac Says:

    […] moly, the boss listens So the boss actually listens. (See comment #6 in yesterday’s post.) Talk about speed of light, I pointed out my missive whilst on a trip in Wales and he responded […]

  8. Ron Linker Says:

    It’s hard to keep up with the technology! Did you see this? http://www.luci.eu/home.html... Our collague Rutger sent it. Might be something to put in the backpack as well…

  9. Ron Linker Says:


  10. overdiek Says:

    Yeah, it’s worth checking out. I talked to one of these guys of Luci some time ago. There’s just too much out there, or so it feels sometimes. It all boils down to internet speed. (En een lekkere hangmat.)

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