Smelling a good story

You sometimes only smell a good story once you hit upon it. In this case, six months ago and I still smell it. Literally. Traveling in Scotland on election eve I stopped in Arbroath, to shoot at Brian Swankie’s smoking shop.

Half a year later, my camera bag still reeks of those (delicious) Arbroath Smokies. Just can’t get that smell out of the way. Or maybe I imagine it.

Weird early Monday morning it was. Had to change into other clothes to do a piece to camera on the street, and felt the peeking eyes of the locals behind their curtains in the harbor.

And the accidental (‘why not, I’m here anyway’) shots I took of a fishing boat going out to sea ended up as a symbolic image of Scotland setting out its own course.

All smelling aside, this trip was a good example of how you can operate on a multimedia platform. Spreading out over three days (excluding travel time) I ended up doing 1 tv feature, three radio pieces and two internet productions.

Most importantly, all were stories in their own right with authentic audio and pictures. You may check some of it out on this page on the NOS website.


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