I Love Paper (1)

Sure, having the news delivered to you on your mobile, on your blackberry or relayed to that implanted chip behind your left ear is the future, and there’s no denying of that fact.

But my sun only rises when the papers arrive on the doormat. A (to be continued) ode to printed joy. Leave your love letters in the comments below.

What's on your doormat?

1. I love the blackened fingers. Scars of a devoted reader willing to suffer.

2. I love that moment on Sunday evening when I’ve really finished off that tree, top to bottom.

3. I love the grateful nod of a fellow train passenger when he picks up my paper, carefully left behind.

4. I love it when my boys start flipping through the comics. Nostalgia for the next generation.

5. I love losing time on the loo, cos’ I gotta finish that great piece in G2.


3 Responses to “I Love Paper (1)”

  1. Paul Brannan Says:


  2. overdiek Says:

    Did you type that in-depth, well thought off and intelligent remark from your little pocket gadget? You sound like an average Sun reader.

  3. I Love Paper (2) « Multimedia Maniac Says:

    […] Love Paper (2) You may call me ‘weirdo’, I don’t care. I still love paper, as professed in an earlier entry. So here the love story […]

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