Thousand hits, baby!

Multimedia Maniac has reached a milestone in its short existence: One thousand hits exactly! Yeah, baby, we’re heading for a million sooner than one might think. Okay, dream on, Overdiek. And what does it mean anyway, a thousand or a million.

One thousand of what again?

As someone wrote to me: Why bother with all that work, when you should focus on your primary job: Get your fat face on TV. Three million people watch the NOS Journaal. Who cares about tens of visitors a day online?

Well, I do care. Sometimes it’s more satisfying to produce a 25 second blurp for radio than that live interview on the 8 o’clock news on tv. So what, if only a couple of hundred surfers read my entries on It shouldn’t make any difference, and it doesn’t.

It’s really a matter of blind consistency. One of my colleagues wrote his first blog for the web, and then demanded to know how many people had read it. When it turned out to be 32 (or 33, I forgot) visitors, he concluded: This is not worth it.

I don’t give a damn, to be honest. Receiving an email-response to a web-story is much more relevant than hearing from my mom that her friend thought my tie looked strange, the other day on tv.

Because sometimes, that’s all what almighty television seems to be about. Nothing more, nothing less.


5 Responses to “Thousand hits, baby!”

  1. Clement Tonnaer Says:

    Hi Tim,

    It’s a pleasure being able to get a more personal view on the maniac behind the professional via this blog. You keep me informed in many ways and never ever there is a dull moment,well maybe the tie.

  2. overdiek Says:

    And since when do YOU know anything about ties? He he, welcome to this virtual idiocy.

  3. Arno Says:

    The good thing about blogs is that people actually choose to read it while watching something like NOS Journaal is more of a habit to most viewers.
    Vistitors on a blog come to read, listen or see what YOU have got to say and don’t just hang around waiting for the weather forecasts…

  4. overdiek Says:

    Well, thank YOU for visiting and leaving your second comment. Come again, and have a nice day.

  5. roland Says:

    congrats tim, way to go
    the million is next
    and then…
    be careful not to start blogging about blogging
    because oblivion will be next

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