Not a geek. Really

I’m not a geek. (My wife begs to differ.) I can’t get excited about the iPhone. (My 10 year old son begs to differ.) On sale later today in the UK the fuss about all you’re able to do with that thing is reaching feverish levels. (I beg to differ.)

Ask you mom (

Sure, I do like some of that stuff. Bought an iPod in the summer of 2006 . Last month I remembered the purchase, and found it under a stack of papers. Spent a weekend loading the thing with 1,500 songs and felt it had been worth the money.

Have no idea where it is now though, probably somewhere on a shelf.

Those things don’t change my life, as some Apple fans like to claim (and defend their consumer action). Recently I switched mobile phones. My old one broke, not because I desired an upgrade. They gave me a Sony Ericsson (for free, although I remember vaguely some unnegotiable contract extension).

My son, whose classmate’s father is the number two of this company and therefore sees the newest models show up at school, actually congratulated me. I use the thing to make and receive calls. He uses it to make multi media productions. (Who’s the geek in this family?)

So, the world is revolving around mobile phones, according to today’s mantra. My friend Paul, who knows a thing or two, says:

“Don’t think things are going to happen overnight but the iPhone will raise the bar for all other manufacturers. Sweet interface makes browsing much friendlier. Marry that with 3G browsing and fixed rate all-you-can-eat data packages and things will really start to take off.”

iPhone kids who really, really want it

Doesn’t matter for Graham and Nik who I encountered on Regent Street yesterday. They had shown up at 8:30 am for a 35.5 hour wait. I took a picture and noticed someone else taking a picture of me taking a picture. He did that with, yes, an iPhone.

I asked him where he had gotten his. In Chicago, he answered, and he had waited 36 hours in line for it himself. Was it worth it, I asked. He was honest. No.


Update: Of course Geek Gonzo Stephen Fry begs to differ big time. He’s had the thing for four months now, and is so in love with it that he compares the iPod to a 60s Sports Car in his column of today’s Guardian.



3 Responses to “Not a geek. Really”

  1. Sander Says:

    Hey hey! I’m actually going live!

    ~Your 10 year old son, who begs to differ.

  2. overdiek Says:

    Hey, get off the computer, right now! Or else.
    ~Your 42 year old dad, who is still always right.

  3. Da loot for da toolkit « Multimedia Maniac Says:

    […] course, I convinced my wife (although the frowned eyebrows didn’t completely disappear), I’m still not a geek and it is all work related. […]

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