Two batteries and one tape

Let’s blame the producer. Yeah, he screwed up big time. He should have done a better job by making sure on beforehand it was gonna be a great visual story. What the heck was he thinking when he arranged the interviews?

On the other hand, the cameraman did a lousy job as well. He clearly wasn’t on top of his game today. Couldn’t even come up with some creative shots to save the story. No tricks, no story, nothing. Another day wasted.

So in the end the journalist had to pull the plug. That bloody perfectionist. They had gone up to Peterborough, but the story they were hoping for just wasn’t there. No convincing human element, just some talking heads. Who were blabbering.

Funny as well as depressing how nobody in the crew was able to make it happen somehow. No, instead it became a day of increased desperation. The more they tried, the further that damned story slipped away.

It didn’t cost a whole lot though, this failure. Two batteries and one tape to be exact. But that doesn’t weigh up against the maddening solitude this video-journalist (producer/cameraman/reporter) sometimes feels when running a one man-band.



4 Responses to “Two batteries and one tape”

  1. roeland stekelenburg Says:

    Herkenbaar Tim. Al die jaren in Afrika van hot naar her. Soms met verhaal terug komen en best vaak ook zonder ….

  2. overdiek Says:

    Thank god, I’m not alone after all…

  3. Martijn Says:

    ah gossie, had je maar een vak moeten leren 🙂 Een timmerman bv heeft daar nooit last van.

  4. overdiek Says:

    Ben het helemaal met je eens. Had ik maar een vak moeten leren. Want zeg nou eerlijk, wat kunnen wij nou eigenlijk? (Pijnlijke stilte)

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