Seeking Sound

Never ever did I think radio would grow into one of my biggest love affairs. Growing up in the ‘soft g’ southern part of Holland (Noord-Brabant), I mumbled and spoke way too fast to be heard clearly, let alone on air. Somehow I ended up getting a job as the US radio correspondent in Washington DC.

Seeking sound became a special mission. If you work in radio you know what I mean. You walk around with your microphone and literally look for audio. It can be a cashier counting out money. A plane flying over, almost invisible but still audible. Footsteps, always nice. Stuff you can’t film or write about, only capture with your Marantz.

Listen up guys, radio isn’t dead. Far from it, I found out this morning in The Guardian. Radio Reborn is a special section, laying out the future (yes the bright future) thanks to DAB, Online and many other ways of spreading the news to your ears. You just have to see it.

(I’ve tried to find this stuff on the highly praised website of The Guardian, but couldn’t find it. Bizar. Apparently it’s partly a commercial supplement to the paper. So IS it true? Well, check out this site:


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