In and out, or out and in?

Last time I checked (this morning), the wigs were still there. So my story eighteen months ago was either a tad premature or evidence of brilliant journalistic prophecy. Wigs were gonna disappear from civil courts (but stay in criminal courts, or was it the other way around. It’s so long ago).

Anyway, it was (and still is) great television. British tradition, silly looking barristers and a pretty tricky piece to camera. It was one of my first forays in taping my own ‘stand-uppers’. Wanted to do something out of the ordinary (Off their heads with them ordinaries!). It worked, I guess, after lots of puzzling, calls to colleagues and catching up with shifting shadows…

See for yourself.


3 Responses to “In and out, or out and in?”

  1. Katie Says:

    Like the wig story!

  2. Jane Says:

    Hi Tim,
    What mic do you use when recording a PTC (stand-upper) like the one in this story? Also do you have the screen swivelled around so that you can see yourself, or do you check your work back after you’ve done it?

    Also, when you do an interview, do you use a hand-held mic or camera top mic?


  3. overdiek Says:

    Hi Jane,

    I use a wireless mic as often as possible. So definitely for a PTC, and yes, I turn the screen around so I have ‘some idea’ where to stand. I do check it afterwards, to make sure the shot and audio are okay. Very rarely I get it right at the first try. If I’m lucky, three or four takes are sufficient. But there have been many instances where I keep on getting it wrong. I’ll post some trials and errors on that specific topic with footage soon.

    Interviews are the same thing. Just mic the person, and mic yourself, so audio is always right. Sometimes, when doing vox pops I hold a hand-held mic, but that is pretty hard when also filming at the same time. The horizon leans over without realizing.

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