UGC in good Dutch

What’s a good Dutch term that sums up User Generated Content (UGC)? NOS bosses decided to let their subjects come up with something. The winning brainwave:

Samen Nieuws Maken (SNM)

Find a dictionary for yourself. Ah well then, it means: Making News Together. It covers the broad definition of UCG, which NOS is finally embracing as a rather useful and necessary part of a modern website. Because:

1. The user is an eye witness. Open the upload door for pictures and video.

2. The user is opiniated. Let him or her respond.

3. The user can supplement with his experience, which can lead to follow-ups.

4. The user is a news source.

5. The user will debate. A new topic every day, discussion open for no more than a week.

6. The user is an expert. He or she makes us smarter

Other good, but not good enough terms for the ‘dinner for two’ prize: Publieksbijdrage (this one got an honorable mention), MeeDenkTank, ProductiePopuli (propop), Eigen Inbreng, ‘Stuur’, MGM (MediaGebruikersMateriaal), ‘n Jan-met-de-Petter’, XI (IkZie) en IK (Inbreng van de Kijker). Damn, they didn’t even mention mine (Gebruikersmateriaal).


One Response to “UGC in good Dutch”

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