Nightmare scenario


I call it my nightmare scenario, and it’s going to happen some day. No question about it. Some day I’m gonna pack up my stuff, get in the car (or worse, get on the plane), arrive home and only then realize I left the wireless mike on the person I have interviewed. Believe me, it’s gonna happen.

It almost happened last night. I was out the door, and then B. called out and wondered if I wanted my stuff back. Duh. It’s so easy to forget. Your mind has been racing for a while, to get the shots right, to ask and listen to the answers, to -ahem- focus and getting things in focus.

Then comes the really hard part, as far as I am concerned. Leaving with all the equipment I came with. Every little cable, battery, microphone, tape and plug – I am running a check list in my head as I bid farewell to the person I just interviewed.


The biggest bitch by far is the headphone (Sennheiser PX200). The holder even has a manual on the back how to fold the damn thing and slide it in. The audio quality is amazing, but the quality of life diminishes every time you try and fail, again try and fail and only then succeed to actually pack it up. So much for the bloody charm.


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