Just for the website? What?!?

Reading up on Russian politics today, since I will be interviewing Vladimir Bukovsky. He is a strong critic of president Putin, and will actually run as an independent in the upcoming presidential elections. Bit of a stretch, since he lives in Cambridge. But democracy demands people who disagree, and boy, does he ever.

Point is, NOS has asked me to interview him for the website, and for the website alone. Great, I love that. Internet is equal to radio and/or television, and that mantra is only valid when actually put to the test. Some colleagues in Hilversum (well, not only some…) are pissed when it is just for online. They feel it is a waste of their time and energy. Let’s prove ‘m wrong.

Next point, how are we gonna do this? The foreign editor who asked me to interview Bukovsky expects no more than a written article plus photo of the good man. Well, that’s a bit low key, isn’t it? So I’m gonna bring my full kit, talk to the guy on camera, take pictures and see how diverse we might be able to put it online.

Can’t wait. Results will follow later.


One Response to “Just for the website? What?!?”

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