The Slide Show

The call came early in the morning. Can you go to Tate Modern and go down the slide? Sure, never too old for that. So there I went, backpacking on the train, the tube and then a ten minute walk down to the Thames. Tate Modern had just opened a new exhibit, Test Site by Carsten H”oller.

Deadlines were looming. Radio wanted a piece, television needed a short package. I have experienced that time pressure can be the best way to get things right, right away. No time to think, no room for trying things out. First take has to be on the spot.

And that’s what happened. Within two hours I had taped the ‘slide show’ and also recorded it for radio. Went down three times (it’s a dirty job, I know, and I am that someone). Edited my radio stuff in the coffee shop and sent it thanks to mobile internet ten minutes before air time.

Colleagues who saw me that evening making a fool of myself, didn’t think this kind of participatory journalism would be helpful for my image as a serious foreign correspondent. Ha ha. To hell with them.


4 Responses to “The Slide Show”

  1. Esther Gotink Says:

    I like your style! To hell with image indeed, you’re a foreign correspondent naar mijn hart 🙂

  2. Rachel Says:

    Excellent! And well done for holding the camera steady all the way down. I wanted to try to video my own trip down the slide but in the end it was hard enough just to make it down in one piece.

  3. overdiek Says:

    Re Rachel.
    I kept the camera as tight as possible between the knees. Perfect it wasn’t, I think, too much focus on the crotch, he he. Just like you I was happy enough to make it down in one piece.

  4. Mini and Maxi « Multimedia Maniac Says:

    […] Apparently ABC accountants did the math. The brand new seven digital bureaus cost about as much as the full-featured Paris bureau did when it was open. Or as much as the London Bureau maybe? I saw an old fashioned ABC News delegation at work when I did my multi media piece about the Slide at Tate Modern. […]

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